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Conversion - the ultimate unit and currency converter app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 8144 ratings )
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Developer: Duncan Campbell
1.99 USD
Current version: 3.4, last update: 5 months ago
First release : 30 Jul 2008
App size: 1.71 Mb

Conversion offers a powerful and comprehensive unit conversion engine, all wrapped up in an intuitive interface.

A gorgeous UI makes picking units a breeze!

Conversions can be "bookmarked" as favorites for rapid retrieval later.

Available in 15 languages including: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Danish and Russian.

Conversion categories include:

+ Currencies:
U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, Bahraini Dinar, Brazilian Real, British Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Chilean Peso, Chinese Yuan, Cyprus Pound, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Fijian Dollars, Hong Kong Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Icelandic Krona, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Israeli New Sheqel, Jamaican Dollars, Kuwaiti Dinar, Malaysian Ringgit, Maltese Lira, Mauritius Rupee, Mexican Peso, Moroccan Dirham, Nepalese Rupee, New Zealand Dollar, Norwegian Krone, Oman Rial, Pakistani Rupee, Polish Zloty, Qatari Rial, Russian Ruble, Saudi Riyal, Singapore Dollar, Slovak Koruna, South African Rand, South Korean Won, Sri Lanka Rupee, Swedish Krona, Swiss Franc, Taiwan New Dollar, Thai Baht, U.A. Emirates Dirham, Venezuelan Bolivar, Vietnamese

+ Area:
square mile, square yard, square foot, square inch, square kilometer, hectare, acre, square meter, square centimeter, square millimeter.

+ Energy:
Btus, Foot-Pounds, Ergs, Kilowatt-Hours, Watt-Hours, Kilogram-Calories, Calories, Kilogram-Meters, Newton-Meters, Joules.

+ Temperature:
Celcius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin.

+ Length:
Mile, Mile (nautical), Yard, Foot, Inch, Kilometer, Meter, Centimeter, Millimeter.

+ Weight:
Short Ton (US), Pound (US), Ounce (US), Stone, Long Ton (UK), Meteric Ton, Kilogram, Gram.

+ Speed:
Knots, Miles/Hour, Miles/Minute, Feet/Minute, Feet/Second, Kilometers/Hour, Kilometers/Minute, Meters/Second.

+ Pressure:
Pounds/Square Foot, Pounds/Square Inch, Atmospheres, Bars, Centimeters of Mercury, Inches of Mercury, Kilograms/Square Meter, Pascals.

+ Power:
Btus/Minute, Foot-Pounds/Minute, Foot-Pounds/Second, Horsepower, Kilowatts, Watts.

+ Volume:
Cubic Feet, Gallon (Imperial), Gallon, Quart (US), Pint, Fluid Ounce, Cup, Tablespoon, Teaspoon, Dram, Cubic Meter, Liter.

+ Time:
Years, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds, Microseconds, Nanoseconds.

Bits, Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes.

Pros and cons of Conversion - the ultimate unit and currency converter app for iPhone and iPad

Conversion - the ultimate unit and currency converter app good for

great apps. but like the other guy said you can not get the liter function to convert liters to gallons
The new interface is perfect. Its really quick and easy to get results. Great app for the price!
i have had this app since the app store opened, and it has been perfect. is also has a great UI and a clean icon. if you’re like me you’ll make good use of it. (there was one update that had a annoying sound effect but it was later fixed so this means the developers are actually listening) i am however wondering why they are now selling it for $5 (it was $1 for a very long time) — the competition for this type of application is fierce. maybe put it on your watch list for when it goes on sale! :)
I love this app. Ive had it for over five years now (I think). Had a different one before but preferred this to it. I have to be clear though, I only ever use it for volume, distance, and weight and for these it works fantastically every time. Never crashes or gives me bad information.

Some bad moments

Worthless and incorrect, 1013.2 mb is equivelant to 2992 inches of mercury, that stupid conversion gives a value of 29919.78 instead of 2991.978
Well worth 99 cents. Easy to use but some human factor improvements would make it better. For example, selected values and the result value should be in a larger font to make it easier to read. I also had to reboot my iPod after I downloaded the app to to get it to work, but then it worked fine.
Personally I like the way this one works compared to the other conversion utilities. Elegant.
For what it is, its perfect. I use it constantly in cooking, homebrewing and work. Worth the tiny price.
The C to F temp conversion keyboard LACKS a negative sign key -- makes it hard to convert anything below zero. Overly complex GUI took the iPod "number wheel" metaphor too far for users own good. I struggle to understand why this was $5, when others are free.
Program does not allow conversion of negative temperatures from celcius to F. Please correct the problem so negative temperature conversions can be done!